5 Must-Know Law of Attraction Facts

What You Need to Know about Law of Attraction

We’re guessing you’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA). Maybe you stumbled upon the concept through The Secret or perhaps you found it via a less mainstream route.

Either way, we’d like to take a few minutes to break down five lesser known LOA facts because, just like gravity, LOA is always working…


#1 Energy flows where attention goes.

The Universe doesn’t understand “want” vs.” don’t want”, it simply gives you more of whatever it is you’re focusing upon.

Your power in every situation is your point of focus: You can choose to focus on the problem or you can choose to focus on the solution.

#2 It’s about more than money.

If your only experience with LOA is from The Secret, then you’re likely to believe it’s all about attracting wealth, prosperity, and material goods.

We’re here to remind you that LOA is about much more than that.

You can use your awareness of LOA to pursue all the shiny things, or you can use it to pursue fulfilling, meaningful, life-evolving things. Or what the heck, both.

No judgment no matter the pursuit. We’re just here to remind you that there are options.

#3 Like attracts like, and unlike repels unlike.

LOA responds to your vibrational frequency which responds to your ingrained subconscious paradigm.

Your vibrational frequency dictates not only how you act but also what you attract.

You attract energy, people, etc. that are in vibrational harmony with you. Click here to see a visual of the emotions and their vibrational output.

“Feeling is conscious awareness about the vibration we’re in.” —Bob Proctor

We can change our subconscious paradigm the same way it was formed: with repetition. Affirmations are particularly effective.

Learn more about how to shift your subconscious paradigm here.

#4 Both your higher self (i.e., non-physical soul) and your egoic self (i.e., physical self/personality) participate in LOA.

Thus, every person has two points of attraction.

The higher self knows that life isn’t about getting but about becoming.

And so, if the motivating forces behind your ego’s desires are misaligned with the motivating forces of your higher self (i.e., love, growth, expansion), your earthly desires might not be made manifest in the way your ego expects.

Sidenote: If you want to get in touch with the motivations of your higher self, try writing to your intuition. Read our how-to here.

#5 The LOA blame game.

Those with awareness of LOA can get caught up in “spiritual shaming” of themselves or others when things go “wrong”.

For example, if you were to experience an event the ego perceived as “negative” and then blamed yourself for “attracting” that experience.

Remember, everyone has two points of attraction (see above) and perhaps it was your higher self that attracted that “negative” event into your life in order to offer your egoic self the knowledge, personal growth, or spiritual expansion it needed in order to move forward.

Bottom line: The route of attraction isn’t important. Let it go.

It’s the act of surrendering in the face of a perceived negative event that allows us to move up the ladder to higher vibrational frequencies.

Which leads us to our next point…


What you resist persists.

It may feel counterintuitive, but the way to move past something is to move through it without the expectation that it will pass.

We know this is easier said than done. And that’s where trust comes into play.

The next time you feel resistance bubbling up inside you, surrender your concerns to the care of the Universe.

Trust that you don’t need to concern yourself with the how or the why. You only need to be open to receiving them when the time is right.


Once you have a solid understanding of the power your emotions have to affect the life you live via LOA, you can become more progressive with that power.

You can begin to co-create, or team up, with the Universe to design a life you love.

First, what does co-creating mean?

It means deliberately feeling a desire in your heart and then releasing the expectation to the Universe, trusting it will bring you what you desire.

Our responsibility is the desire.

Then, the Universe decides when and how to deliver it to us. Some say the devil is in the details, we say the Universe is.

The hardest part, of course, is staying in our lane once we communicate our desire. Trusting and truly releasing the path to the outcome to the care of the Universe.

How do we know when co-creation is taking place?

  1. The timing is often unexpected
  2. The way the desire manifests is unexpected
  3. With hindsight, we can review the path and see a small yet miraculous trail of synchronistic “breadcrumbs” leading us to the outcome.

Moral of the story: Co-creating with the Universe can be FUN and favors alignment + receptivity more than effort.


Notice when situations arise that trigger a “negative” ingrained emotional response pattern. Give yourself the space to reflect in those moments and push yourself to reach for a better feeling thought than you usually would.

This isn’t about a radical 180-degree shift towards blinding positivity. It’s about reaching for a thought that feels just a smidge better than usual.


The Law of Attraction Explained by Bob Proctor
How to Shift Your Subconscious Paradigm
The Universe Has Your Back (←affiliate link*)

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