How to Access Your Intuition in 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever wondered how to tune in to the wisdom of your intuition and access the clear, honest answers of your higher self on demand, this post is for you. Keep reading for our 5-step process to access your intuition.

Today I welcome infinite possibilities. With open arms, I accept the support of the universe. I know that creative abundance is available to me now. I expect miracles
— Gabrielle Bernstein


“Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.” Thanks, Wikipedia.

In other words, intuition is inner knowing (which is quite different than inner thinking). 

Through a process referred to as intuitive writing, we can unearth this intelligent knowledge, bringing unconscious knowing into conscious awareness to use for purposeful decision making, insight, and guidance.


Can we take a minute to pass a little praise to your higher self? 🙌🏻 This is the part of you that’s connected and tuned in to all that is. It sees the light within each and every ounce of your being—even within your shadows.

And wisdom coming from that part of you? Well, it’s like a warm hug…

But it’s not always readily available or accessible. In fact, the peaceful knowing of your higher self often goes unheard beneath the fear-based ramblings of the ego (i.e., the “rational” mind).

This is where intuitive writing comes in. To access the wisdom of your higher self, don’t ask your mind. Ask your intuition. 


We know how this sounds. Trust us, before we drank the woo-laide, we had our doubts, too. 

But hey, what’s the worst that could happen? You waste a few sheets of paper and a bit of ink? Worth the risk. SO worth the risk. 

Because the best that could happen is a life-changing relationship with the real you. The you beneath your doubts and your fears. The you that is unconditionally supportive and loving. 

And my goodness, that’s a gift.


As we’ve mentioned before, time is precious, and we don’t want to waste yours. Below, we’ve outlined how to write to your intuition in five easy-to-follow steps.

#1: Clear Your Mind

For us, this usually means meditating for 5 to 15 minutes. For you, it might mean taking a walk outside, reading something inspiring or funny, having a snack, flowing through a few yoga poses, spending time with a furry friend, dancing around to your favorite feel-good song, etc. 

Do whatever you need to do to clear your mind and return your outlook to a balanced baseline, where it’s not overly attached to the fear-mongering tunes of your ego.

#2: Grab Your Gear

Grab something to write with and on. 

For Ashley, this is a gold gelly roll pen and a small bound journal. For Francesca, it’s 

 For you, it might be a pencil and some looseleaf paper, a sharpie and a spiral notebook, or a colored pencil and a sketchpad. There are no right or wrong utensils here. You do you.

Note: This is one of the few scenarios where writing by hand is typically more powerful than typing. Turns out, intuition gets stage fright, too, especially when faced with high-tech gadgets!

#3: Find a Quiet Place

Take your gear and move to a quiet, peaceful place. The only requirement is that you’re able to write easily, swiftly, and comfortably wherever you are.

#4: Pose a Question

Now that you’re geared (and cozied) up, think of an open-ended question (i.e., not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question) and write it down.

We find it’s best to start with a very general, open-ended question and then move on to more specific questions once things get flowing. You’ll want to give your intuition a bit of wiggle room as opposed to trapping her in a corner. Nobody puts baby intuition in a corner.

Here are a few examples…

What would you have me do today?

What would you have me know about this particular situation?

Where should I focus my attention at this moment in time?

What can I learn from x situation?

What is the next best step in order to move forward toward x?

#5: Wait for the Answer

But don’t wait too long.

If you catch yourself thinking, then you’ve caught your ego attempting to hijack the conversation. Don’t give it the chance to do so.

We’ve found it’s best to just start writing without thinking. At first, the answers don’t usually make much sense, but all of the sudden things will begin to shift and take shape in a meaningful way.

The key is to resist the urge to edit or judge.

Do your best to get the ego out of your intuition’s way so that the answers can flow through you. Just keep writing and allow the knowledge of your intuition to bypass your rational mind and move through your pen to the page.

And then ask again.


Intuitive writing gets much easier with time and practice. Sometimes the answer might not come to you in the moment but will emerge later in the day or even within a dream. 

Be gentle and patient with your intuition. The answers you’re seeking will find you.


Here are a few examples from some of Ashley’s own intuitive Q + A sessions…

Q. What would you have me do today?

A. I’d have you maintain this hopefulness. This sense of belonging and optimism. It will serve you. Worry less about to-do’s and outcome and focus instead on being, believing, and discovering. Your curiosity will not deceive you. Allow it to be your barometer, your compass. Your intuitive guide with clear direction. I sense your wondering about specific actions… let them flow. If you flow into the kitchen, flow through the motions with the most graceful presence but be careful to attend to your intuition. You needn’t push so hard all the time, Ashley. This is not the purpose of life; this is simply the protective cloak you’ve tossed on to shield yourself from the truth. It’s okay to do so on occasion, just be mindful and choose presence as much as possible. Your presence is your purpose. Yes. Underline it. Repeat it. Live it. Believe it. Share it. Your presence is your purpose. That’s what I’m guiding you to every day. Be open to it and you shall be fulfilled, joyful, and “happy” as you shall likely call it. 

Q. Are you ever disappointed in me when I lose sight of this path?

A. My darling, never. You are exactly as you should be. Perfect in all of your beautiful imperfections. The beauty in life is not in perfection or perfect adherence but in the journey of slipping, falling, and crumbling, and regaining our footing. You are not a machine. You are a human. But beneath this human exterior of yours there is a beautiful, limitless energy that transcends all bounds that you know. It’s you, it’s me, it’s all around, it’s everything. Life is a balance of these two things. We teeter between that which is in front of our eyes and that which is within and all-knowing, forming touchstones along the way. We bravely walk the line everyday and we lean from side to side. The goal is to stand straight in our being and embrace both the presence that surrounds us and embodies us. I love you. So much. And I’m proud of you always, no matter what. You are walking the walk, my child. You are brave, courageous, and wise. You are enough. You’ve always been enough. Remember it. 

Q. How do I stop the internal questioning/doubts and guilt I sometimes feel?

A. Sometimes? Girl, you’ve been hauling that guilt around like a security blanket for the last 33 years. Release it. Set it down and don’t look back. Has it ever served you? No. Action inspired from guilt is a passive form of inaction. Its vibrations are weak and fruitless. However, action inspired by love is fruitful and forgiving. As far as combatting the thoughts/feelings as they arise, simply stay present. Focus on the moment that surrounds and embraces you. Be it and you shall return to grace. I’m giving you blanketed permission to release yourself from guilt and shame and should’s. You should only do what love and presence compel you to do if you feel compelled to do so. By being present more often, you’ll find a natural inclination to do the things that right now feel like a chore. Life’s duties will become effortless and you’ll be supported in your forward motion on tasks that once felt daunting. I promise.

Q. Why do I often feel torn between what my heart guides me to do and what my rational brain demands of me?

A. Your answer is in your question. Would you rather obey a dictator or be inspired by a compassionate leader? You are who you are because of both pieces but your experience is proportional to the joy you feel. If one or the other is not bringing you joy, release it. Do kind leaders get less done? No, they accomplish more with less resistance.

Q. What would you have me do today?

A. Release the pit in your stomach and trust that something greater, something beyond your wildest dreams is coming. Flow to it by flowing through your moments instead of resisting that which is. The way forward is not the way back. The way forward is by standing in place and feeling the joy which is always there. No need to search, simply open your heart to that which already is.


I intend to welcome infinite possibilities with open arms; I intend to accept the support of the universe; I welcome in the loving wisdom of my inner knowing.


1. Gather your intuitive writing gear.

2. Pick out a cozy, comfortable nook in your home.

3. Write one question to your intuition.


Ask your intuition: How can I make more space for your guidance in my life?


How to Hear from Your Intuition Today by Jess Lively

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Divine Intuition by Lynn Robinson