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Balance before Burnout Course BANNER.png

So you’ve found the work that lights you up… now what?

When it comes to the work we love, many of us find ourselves leaning too far back into safety or too far forward into the hustle and grind. It can be a challenge to find the sweet spot in between.

That’s why we’re here. To show you how to find the good space in the work you do. The space where being meets doing.

It’s from this magical, centered place that you’ll find the confidence to not only bring your creative gifts into the world but to do so with ease, grace, and game-changing power.

In this 6-week master course, we’ve merged metaphysical concepts + spiritual wisdom with data-backed neuropsychological principles to help you release limiting beliefs, align with your purpose, and show up in your work day in and day out.



We'll be the first to admit that there's no silver bullet for living a more meaningful, joyful, and creative life, but a solid morning routine certainly does its part to pave the way.

In fact, a morning routine has the power to transform your entire life if you stick with it.

We know what a challenge it can be to adopt new habits—especially ones that require you to wakeup earlier!

Which is why we’ve created this bootcamp course. In it, we’ve merged psychological principles with spiritual concepts to create a course that’s both highly effective and inspiring.

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