Spiritual wellness made easy.

Spiritual wellness made simple

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We know it’s hard to to merge the spiritual aspects of ourselves with our everyday lives. Many people don’t know how to find fulfillment when they’re overwhelmed with their busy, modern lives.


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Meet ashley + francesca

With a combined 20+ years of experience in spiritual wellness and psychology, we know how important it is to live a life that’s fulfilling and purposeful.

Our goal is to simplify the years of research and practice we have between us to give you plain, simple truths and tools to help you accelerate and enjoy spiritual growth while bravely leaning into the work that lights you up.



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create a morning routine

There's no silver bullet for living a more meaningful, joyful, and creative life, but a solid morning routine certainly does its part to pave the way.


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We know your time is precious, so we’re doing the leg work for you and condensing the best knowledge + tools into these compact, life changing, (coming-soon) courses.


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Great words and insight! I love reading your weekly notes. They’re on topics I’m already comfortable with and are familiar with; I love how you’re taking them deeper and adding your own twist. I need reminders all the time. And the topic of identifying my emotions and feeling them in the moment is exactly what I’m doing right now. Thanks for the validation!
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