What is The Good Space?

Glad you asked.

The Good Space is where being meets doing.

It’s from this magical, centered place that you’ll find the confidence to not only bring your creative gifts into the world but to do so with ease, grace, and game-changing power.

our vision.

When we first started talking about creating The Good Space, the motivating force we kept returning to was that we wanted to “guide” others to uncover the answers within themselves.

We agreed that neither of us would ever be so bold as to believe that we have all the answers. AKA: We’re not about bossy advice giving here at TGS.

Because let’s be honest, we’re here learning with you.

But as devout enthusiasts for all things self-help, we come to you bearing our collective toolbox filled with years of curated tips, tricks, and resources.

Our goal is to make spiritual wellness easy (and fun) and to provide you with the tools you need to create your own good space so that you can live the life you were destined for and feel inspired, rooted, and centered along the way.


The Good Space offers raw, simple, and thought-provoking material that appeals to the awakening individual. If you’re looking for guidance in separating worldly expectations from your true being, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll show you how to embrace and embody your most authentic self and live from a space of open awareness. Whether that’s gaining personal clarity and confidence in your role as a stay at home parent or as the founder of the business you’ve been too afraid to start.

We’ve known many people who feel trapped, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by the increasing demands of modern life. Afraid to push beyond the borders of an unfulfilling day-to-day grind as well as the opinions of those around them. The common thread between the people we meet is a feeling of “not enough”. Scarcity. Smallness. Lack of purpose.

But what if we told you that you have a universe-given right to live the life you’ve been dreaming of?

Much like yoga, life isn’t about seeking comfort but about breathing through the discomfort as you expand forward. It’s about pushing the limits of what you can handle each moment in time.

Now, let’s help you find your very own good space.

How do I create my good space?

Rather than adding more to your life, creating your good space is about rediscovering the essence of who you are, leaning into your unique gifts, and becoming aware of what keeps you aligned, energized, and present.

We believe the key to a fulfilled life is first creating a good space within you and then taking action. 

Simply put: Get your energy right, and the rest will follow.

Finding your good space before taking action is one of the most transformative skills you can learn. And yet, this concept is just beginning to emerge in mainstream consciousness.

Which is why it’s a gift you’re here.

Your light and your ability to bring abundance into the world is deeply needed, and we’re here to show you how.



Meet Us.


Hi, I'm Francesca. A writer, entrepreneur, and unwavering optimist dedicated to helping you become more connected to yourself and those around you.

I’m proud to have created a life-changing article and workbook about creating a morning routine that will make you thrive. It was republished on Thought Catalog, The Writing Cooperative, and continues to resonate with people from all walks of life.

Since I can remember, I’ve gravitated towards psychology and human nature.

Even getting a B.A. in Psychology from Cal State Northridge while working full time in the music industry as a young twenty-something.

Mix that with an insatiably curious nature and you’ll find me reading a lot of books and asking questions like . . .

“Is it possible to overcome the state of thinking you were raised with to get to that next level?”

Buried under those major life questions has been a persistent desire to have my crap together. To be consistent and make real progress in my life.


I hopped from working in the music industry to marketing, and then to a tech company before living in Switzerland for three years with my husband.

For years, I felt like an outsider to my own life. Trapped outside a glass door knocking on the surface hoping someone would see me and bring me inside.

We’re sold this lie that life has to happen within a certain timeline or order. And for a long time, I resisted the fact that my life wouldn’t follow the traditional path.

I felt guilty, shameful, and unworthy.

I wanted to create a life full of possibility for the future yet felt stuck in what I knew from the past.

Now, I’m proud to support those who are in the same boat.

My goal is to show you how to start each day from a centered space and then focus on creating a well-lived life.




Hi, I’m Ashley. A psychologist, published cookbook author, plant-passionate recipe creator, and photographer.

I run the blog Blissful Basil and have made it my mission to prove that nourishing, plant-based meals can also be incredibly satisfying and delicious.

Read: I believe you can have your health and eat cake, too!

This all sounds so positive and happy. But let’s wind it back….

In 2016, I’d hit a crossroads.

Inspired by the life-consuming overwhelm of juggling the day-to-day 7 to 5 grind as a school psychologist and the demands of writing (and photographing) 100+ recipes for a cookbook, I relinquished what I’d once labeled my ‘dream job’ as a psychologist and leaped into the unknown world of entrepreneurship.

To date, it’s the biggest, boldest, bravest leap I’ve ever taken.

I had zero clue if a net was there to catch me on the other side, and yet something felt so right about the decision.

I’d assumed this act of bravery was solely for the sake of pursuing my passion for all things food-blogging and maybe even writing another cookbook. But as I leaned into the task of becoming my own boss, I unearthed an insatiable curiosity for sharing my passion for self-development, personal empowerment, spirituality, and the pursuit of joy with anyone and everyone who would listen.

Disclaimer: This 👆 wasn’t my first tango with these topics.

As an inquisitive bystander to my mom’s lifelong commitment to self-improvement, I grew up listening to the motivational musings of Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, et al. from the backseat of a minivan.

Although I sometimes complained about those “boring” cassette tapes my mom listened to in the car, something about them stuck with me through the years.

And so even before those uncertain, career-changing crossroads, I’d spent many a moment thinking about and studying “self-help” topics.

But something about the vulnerability of leaping without a net pushed me to the point of no return—the event horizon, if you will.

And so here we are.

In addition to bringing nourishing, delicious recipes to the masses, I love discovering new ways to ‘hack’ my mind and emotions to create a stronger presence of peace, contentment, and spiritual alignment within my life while leaning into my career.

More than that though, I’m motivated by the opportunity to show you how to use the same mind ‘hacks’ I’ve used in my life to cultivate more alignment, joy, peace, and fear-facing braveness in yours.

Because when you take time to turn inward, you have so much more to offer the world once you turn outward.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a Jim Rohn quote I first heard from the backseat of that motivational minivan…

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.”


Start changing your life . . .

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With love + gratitude,

Francesca + Ashley