What You Need to Know About Priming

If you’ve ever wondered what ‘priming’ is and how to get started, this post is for you!


What In the world is Priming?

Priming is a way to intentionally influence your physical and mental state of being before you start your day.

Studies have shown the impact that certain unconscious factors can have on what you focus on.

For instance, if you see the word yellow, you’ll be quicker to recognize the word banana since they’re closely associated.

Likewise, if you start each day by explicitly focusing on how you want to feel throughout the day, you subconsciously set yourself up to manifest that experience in the hours that follow.

Essentially, you put yourself into a state where your mind and body respond in alignment with the intentions you set for them.

Example, Please.

Tony Robbins has spoken countless times about the power of priming.

In fact, he considers it to be one of the most powerful and transformation tools we can use.

His 10-minute priming routine goes something like this:

Step 1: Breathwork. Inhale while pumping arms up, sharply and audibly exhale through the nose while pumping arms down. Repeat quickly 10 to 20 times.

Step 2: Gratitude. Close your eyes, relax in a seated position with your palms facing up, and recall a time in which you felt incredibly grateful.

Really feel that sense of gratitude welling up in your heart, and relive the experience as if it were happening again right now.

Enjoy it, feel it, fill up with it. —Tony Robbins

Step 3: Envision. Keeping your eyes closed, think of three things, one at a time, that you want to achieve or accomplish.

These can be milestones, experiences, or even feelings—e.g., I want to feel more peaceful, I want to become more spiritually aligned, I want to become a thought leader in my industry, etc. Really live and experience each one.

Then, open your eyes and begin your day!

Why Prime?

Upon waking, many of us direct our attention to input sources that sap our creative energy—we check social media, scroll through our inbox, watch the news, etc.

By priming every morning, you take back the reins and set yourself up to notice opportunities you might not have seen otherwise.

Priming with Purpose

Repeated routines (aka ‘rituals’) are powerful. They turn the mundane into the intentional and sacred.

When we create habits that acts as daily rituals, we prime our hearts to notice that which is expansive and energetically aligned with our dreams.

Our first and favorite way to begin priming is through a morning routine.

A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day, and if you do each day right, you’ll do life right. —Cathryn Lavery

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